downtown charleston’s longest operating sushi bar

family owned and operated


Located in Historic Downtown Charleston, Shiki is a purveyor of Japanese ethos from the world’s finest fish markets.

Chef Hae Gon “David” Park brought his family, as well as his 18 years of experience working in New York’s most traditional sushi bars, to Charleston in search of his American Dream. Shiki was opened in 2001, and since then, Park has been serving both quality interpretations of traditional sushi and daring new ventures to challenge and satisfy the western palate.

Park holds true to his belief in Japanese cuisine’s philosophy: keep it simple and let the essence of the ingredients shine. Engaging in the industry for nearly 40 years, Park has built relationships with suppliers and fishmongers to source premium ingredients spanning the world - from fatty tuna belly auctioned off at newly-opened Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan to in-house cured mackerel caught in the icy waters off the coast of Norway to daikon radish grown locally on Edisto Island.

Park recognizes the changing zeitgeist which led him to craft his signature dish:

Shiki SC Roll (Super Crunch)
Korean pear with creamy massago tempura flakes, layered poached shrimp on top, with a sweet soy glaze.





334 East Bay St.
at Ansonborough Square
Downtown Charleston

Free Parking on Premise


M-F 11:30a–2:30p | 5p - 10p
Sa 5p–10p
Su closed

We would genuinely love to hear from you.



OCT 7th - 13th



flown in from the 805 - Santa Barbara, California


yellowtail collar slow grilled over open flame. seasoned with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. served with lemon wedge.

8 pieces available

Ō-Toro - Nigiri 12 | Sashimi 25

fattiest bluefin tuna belly. located in front at the lower belly behind the cheek

availability starting Tuesday after 5